April 29, 2014

Home Improvement Methods – Unique And Green Cleaner Tips

When you think of home improvement projects, particularly for those who are on a budget, you probably don’t think of cleaning. This is because we clean our homes so regularly that we often forget that it is the most basic home improvement project of them all. Of course, how you clean your house matters just as much as whether you want to clean in the first place. As you can see, because of this fact, it is important to clean green. This article was written to help you to find green cleaning techniques that are healthy and helpful – let’s begin!

Find a green-based cleaning brand and begin using their products is the easiest way. Just because it is environmentally friendly doesn’t mean that it will be more expensive than other cleaning products, and brands like Seventh Generation can be found most anywhere. If you are looking for good prices on that product line, Target is the place you should go. Transitioning to environmentally friendly methods for cleaning, from traditional types of cleansers, will be pretty easy when using these lines, along with others such as Biokleen or Method. Right away you can start using these products, which is a good thing. No special ingredients to purchase, or anything special to mix in. After you have bought the product, whenever you are ready to clean, all you need to do is spray.

When your laundry comes out of the washer, hang it up to let it dry. It is convenient to use a dryer, especially during the winter months when it doesn’t work so well to hang things up to dry. In order for your carbon footprint not to get any bigger, you will need to use the dryer, along with the electricity, as little as possible. You will get more static electricity in the winter, when you are using dryers, whether they are gas or electric, and they are bad for the environment, no matter which. Benefits go to more than the environment when clothing is dried out by hanging. It’s also better for your budget because clothing last a lot longer when they are hung up to dry instead of being banged about in a hot dryer on a regular basis.

Adding several houseplants to your home can actually make it literally green. People buy houseplants for their looks, but they are more important than that. To keep the air fresh in your home, plants act as purifiers. Some plants work better than others for having cleansing properties, and these include English Ivy, peace lilies, spider plants and rubber plants, not plants made out of rubber. What better deal could you get, than to have something give you oxygen in exchange for harmful toxins. 12 to 18 plants will work if your house is roughly 1800 square feet, but the more the better. Plants are much better environmentally in cleaning your home than air filters and purifiers.

It is important to clean everything up, so you know exactly what needs to be done for improvement of your home. If harsh chemical cleaners cleaned better than environmentally friendly ones, or were a lot cheaper, you might understand why people would use them, but they aren’t better or cheaper. These few tips are good to get you headed in the right direction. There are many places you can look to find a lot more tips.